nāda sangha

[community through sound]

is a project built from the heart to offer meaningful connection through sound.

Our mission is to inspire, our goal is to serve,

and our intention is to create transformational experiences of the mind, body & spirit.

Thank you for your interest in our project!


Silence is the most powerful sound



Our Story

Josh and Bruno met each other in a very organic way.  Bruno, a yoga teacher & sound practitioner, was offering a meditative concert and music therapy workshop in Southern Portugal as part of his annual tour.  Meanwhile, Josh was roaming through the Portuguese Algarve on a soul-searching surf & yoga trip looking for ways to improve his life. He was so inspired by this concert that he re-arranged his trip to study sound healing with Bruno and they both returned to Porto to begin his apprenticeship.
Their time together was brief, but productive and Josh left to study percussion in Cuba and Nada Yoga in India.  Bruno continued to build musical projects offering concerts, workshops and sound healing in Portugal. The following year destiny brought these two brothers back together once again as roommates in Almada, Portugal and

                         nāda sangha was born.


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