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Nāda Sangha is a project built from the heart to offer meditative experiences through sound and music.  Bruno Teixeira and Josh Miller are artists, teachers, musicians and sound healing practitioners from Portugal and the United States. Together, they travel the world facilitating transformational experiences of the mind, body and spirit.


Inspired by ancient practices of Nada Yoga, Ayurveda & meditation, Nāda Sangha fuses together ceremonial ritual, rhythm, sound, breathwork, movement and contemplation to pacify and restore the mind-body connection.


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Bruno Teixeira

Bruno started practicing Yoga while studying Anthropology at Porto University in 1997.  Since then, he has been sharing his knowledge, through classes, workshops, kirtan, sat-sanghas and retreats.  At twenty years old, he started to play didgeridoo, world percussion and Mantra and felt a personal transformation with sound and music.  In 2004, he deepened his meditation practice with Dr. Bal Krishna and began, also with him, Traditional Chinese Medicine studies at Associação Nacional de Acupuntura and Instituto Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar in Porto.  Later, he pursued an internship at Luzhou Medical College in China. He was introduced to Vedanta through Gloria Arieira from Brazil and Swami Dayananda from India. His approach to the Ayurveda tradition began with Vaidya Atreya Smith, director of European Institute of Vedic Studies, from France and he continues to learn with Dr. Sandeep Shirvalkar, clinic practitioner, university teacher and researcher from Pune, India, since 2008.


In 2004, Bruno founded PazPazes, a Multi-disciplinary Organism of Co-operation, Formation and Human Development.  In the musical department, he developed the Didgeridoo Triboo Club School in 2006 and the Handpan House Club School in 2015, both were the first in Portugal.  Through PazPazes, Bruno has created projects connecting spirituality, education, health, sound healing, music, culture and the arts.  He offers solo concerts as a multi-instrumentalist and, with other friends he participated in different projects, creating ludo pedagogic, therapeutic and meditative musical experiences:  Shiva Shakti Experience, 2001; Uno: Viagens Sagradas, 2008; Moksha: Ecos do Silêncio, 2009; InOuv: Escute a Sua Essência, 2010; H2Om, 2010; Sacred Didge, 2011; Moksha Sound Journeys, 2017; "Terras do Destino" album by Hugo Edgar, 2018 and Nāda Sangha with Joshua Miller, 2018.


Bruno dedicates his life to Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.

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Joshua Sam Miller

Growing up as a percussionist and clarinetist in the suburbs of New York City, Joshua has always had a lifelong passion for music and sound. In 2000, he began editing music videos and developed a 15 year career in documentary filmmaking, though was inspired to step outside his comfort zone and travel.  While walking the Camino de Santiago in 2013, Josh discovered meditation and began to see the world differently. In 2017, he went through a very difficult time in his life and found Yoga and sound to be essential to his recovery.  Destiny found Josh in Portugal on a journey of self-exploration, where he pursued an internship in sound therapy under his teacher Bruno Teixeira. Since then, he has been studying principles of Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta and Ayurveda to live a more satvic lifestyle.

He has traveled to India, Cuba, Indonesia, Poland, Portugal & the USA to learn the therapeutic benefits of music and sound, including sessions with Dr. John Beaulieu (Biosonics), Sarah Powers (Insight Yoga Institute), Jivasu (Nada Yoga School RYT200), Abby Delsol & Tom Soltron (Tone of Life Gongs 10 Day Retreat), Mooji (Monte Sahaja), Dr. Sandeep Shirvalkar (Rigved Ayurvedic Clinic), Psychotherapist Dr. Raoul Goldberg (PATH Method), Randy Masters & David Gibson (Globe Institute of Sound Healing), Kimberly Miguel Mullen (Tambor y Danza), Aminah Chishti (Fanna-Fi-Allah) and Satya Brat (International Academy of Sound Healing).


In 2019, Josh co-created the Sounds of the Ocean benefit concert series to raise awareness of ocean noise pollution.  He has shared his passion at festivals, conferences and yoga studios including: The Esalen Institute, Bhakti Fest, Beloved Festival, UCLA Healing Arts Conference, Singing Alive, Pleasure Point Yoga, Laughing Lotus & Yoga Tree and has performed with friends such as: The Hanuman Project, Nat Kendall, Janet Stone, Emily Perry, Johanna Beekman, Joss Jaffe, Kat Macmillan, Yolande Harris, Jens Jarvie, Fe Fanyi and Bruno Teixeira.

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Our Story

Josh and Bruno met each other in a very organic way.  Bruno, a yoga teacher & sound practitioner, was offering a meditative concert and music therapy workshop in Southern Portugal as part of his annual tour.  Meanwhile, Josh was roaming through the Portuguese Algarve on a soul-searching surf & yoga trip looking for ways to improve his life. He was so inspired by this concert that he re-arranged his trip to study sound healing with Bruno and they both returned to Porto to begin his apprenticeship.
Their time together was brief, but productive and Josh left to study percussion in Cuba and Nada Yoga in India.  Bruno continued to build musical projects offering concerts, workshops and sound healing in Portugal. The following year destiny brought these two brothers back together once again as roommates in Almada, Portugal and

                         nāda sangha was born.